All American
Nomination awarded by NDA Staff to individuals who show strength in spirit, technique, showmanship and leadership. Nominations can take place during every instructional and evaluation session. Nominees will audition and the All American Team will and be announced during the Final Awards Ceremony.
Bid to NDA Nationals
Awarded to teams who show potential to compete nationally and score at least 40 points during Home Routine or Team Dance Evaluations / Qualifications.
Buddy Instructor
NDA Staff member that works one-on-one with your team to ensure their success throughout camp.
Coaches Credentialing
Presented to each coach for their successful completion of the NDA Coaches’ Certification Program, awarded during the Final Awards Ceremony.
Custom Coaching
One-on-one time with your Buddy Instructor used to polish and perfect Team Dance or any other camp material.
Evaluation Ribbons
Individual awards presented to dancers during Style Routine Individual Evaluations. NDA focuses on technique, showmanship and memory.
Home Routine
Routines brought from home and performed the first night of camp to receive a rating and written critique from NDA Instructors. Opportunity to qualify for NDA National Championship.
Merit Ribbons
Individual awards presented to dancers excelling in one of these 3 areas: Technical Excellence, Superior Showmanship or Spirit.
Spirit Stick
Presented daily to teams showing the most sincere spirit and enthusiasm for the day; overall cooperation, discipline, and leadership; respect for one another, other teams and for the NDA safety rules.
Style Routines
A variety of routines taught by NDA Instructors throughout camp and performed for Individual Evaluations.
Team Dance
A routine made up of 4 styles of dance: Jazz, Pom, Kick, and Hip Hop. Intermediate/Advanced and Elite Team Dance offered at all camps and taught to every team. Beginner/Intermediate Team Dance is an option for Home Camps and select Overnight Camp locations.
Technique Class
Days 1 & 2 are split into levels: Beg/Int/Adv/Elite; Day 3: specialty categories focusing on one area, such as, but not limited to, flexibility, turn combos, leaps & jumps, lifts, & hip hop skills.
Top Gun
A fun award that is presented to one dancers in the areas of kicks, leaps, turns and freestyle hip hop.