Why Choose UCA?

The UCA Staff

  • The Best of the Best— For the UCA staff, this is so much more than a summer job. Being a part of UCA staff is truly something special. Check out why UCA Staff is the best job ever.
  • Selected—The UCA Staff are selected based on their skill, knowledge, experience, and teaching ability.
  • Trained—Prior to summer camp, the UCA staff are trained using hands-on instruction, and most have attended UCA camp as a cheerleader themselves!
  • Knowledgeable—The UCA staff is knowledgeable of new technique, legal liability issues, medical responsibilities, nutrition and hydration, enviormental safety and many other topics relative to the practice and performances of cheerleading skills.
  • Referred—Coaches and school administrators recommend the UCA staff from the nation's top college programs. More collegiate level instructions teach at UCA camps than any other camp company.
  • Educated— UCA staff instructors are educated in the best safety practices, which is why all of the UCA Staff is AACCA certified, Level 2 background checked, and knowledgable about concussions. Practice begins with Safety Education!

Benefits for Coaches

  • Educational Best Practices Begin Here—UCA's daily Coaches Meetings are now powered with the knowledge of Varsity University! A resource and comprehensive education program for coaches around the country, VU covers all aspects of successful spirit program management.
  • UCA Welcomes New Coaches—First time to attend camp? Relax, we've got this! You've come to the best place for your squad to learn and engage the spirit-filled tradition of cheerleading! All new coaches will attend the Coaches Goal Setting Meeting and receive New Coaches' Information for year-round cheerleading reference.
  • $1 Million Dollar Secondary Liability Insurance—UCA provides coverage for cheer coaches employed full time by a school or school district. Must be 21 years of age. Member coverage remains in force until May 15, 2018, subject to the renewal of the master policy.
  • Coaches Stunt Workshop is 2X Better—UCA offers TWO Coaches Stunt Workshops. The Head Instructor and UCA Staff stunt group will demonstrate skills, stunt technique and stunt progressions - all geared towards training coaches! You'll gain valuable safety knowledge to support your own stunt coaching after camp is over!
  • Dedicated to Safety First and Always — 100% of the UCA Staff is AACCA safety certified so you can learn safety the right way from the start!
  • Free Gifts!—Free Coaches manual, Summer Bonus Material, UCA Tryout Kit, Coaches Camp Bag. You also have your State Direcotr as a year-round free reference as well as information right here on uca.varsity.com!

The Overnight Camp Experience

  • Game Day Training—Learn new sidelines and cheers to become the ultimate crowd leaders at your school! You will also be able to take your crowd leading skills to the next level with the NEW interactive Game Day Traditions Class!
  • Squad Credentialing—Guided by the UCA Staff, squads will learn and demonstrate the Roles of a Cheerleader - Crowd Leaders, Spirit Raisers, Ambassadors, Athletes, and Entertainers! Plus, your squad will receive training in the areas of safety and leadership!
  • Sideline Private Coaching—Sideline instruction for football or basketball with training on motions, voice, crowd interaction, and more! The UCA staff will personalize offensive and defensive sidelines unique to your squad!
  • Stunt Class—Take your stunting skills to the next level at UCA camp. Stunt class includes Safety Awareness Testing/Spotting Seminar/Stunt Qualification, daily Stunt Classes, Transisition classes, and Elective Classes.
  • Cheer Private Coaching—Work one on one with the UCA Staff on a personalized cheer just for your squad! Incorporate signs, poms, megaphones, stunts, and more into your customized cheer that you can take home and perform during a Timeout or Pep Rally!
  • Pyramid Class—Up to three classes, including a Personalized Pyramid Class, training on safety and progressions, UCA Staff Demonstrations, and more!The UCA staff will teach countless pyramid types including structures, braced rolls, braced flips, inversions, and more!
  • Pep Rally— Celebrate the 2017 UCA Camp Spirit Theme "So Much to Love!" at a fun and interactive "Summer Lovin" Pep Rally on Day 3! Increase pride and enthausiam at your school by implementing the spirit theme from UCA each day throughout camp. You can then take what you've learned at camp straight to your school! Your team will love the updated pep rally planning class, too!
  • Leadership Training—The Leadership Training has been expanded, pushing cheerleaders to dig deep and develop their leadership skills! Seniors, captains and underclassman will all experience their own unique session specifically for their roles on the squad! Captains and co-captains will be invited to attend two additional leadership sessions just for them.
  • Xtreme Routine Private Coaching—UCA Staff helps create an eleven 8-count performance customized to your squad's unique strenghts and abilities! You are able to incorporate stunts, jumps, pyramids, and more into this personalized routine.
  • Big Brother / Big Sister—Spend time with the UCA Staff and work on your own team priorities, plus get special help in achieving your camp goals!
  • Camp Awards—UCA Camp brings out the best in teams through daily spirit awards, camp wide leadership, tradition awards, and more!
What are you waiting for? Join the fun this summer! UCA Camp Registration is now open: Find a camp near you and secure your team's spot today.