About USA Camps


 The United Spirit Association represents a rich 65‐year tradition of summer training camps and spectacular special events, offering top notch instruction and a creative environment where students develop skills, team unity, friendships and enjoy a positive learning experience.  The USA was established as an outgrowth of Robert Olmstead's original California Specialty Camps. Mr. Olmstead conducted his first summer training camp in 1950 and since that time, over 435,000 students have joined us in creating memories that last a lifetime.  To this day, the USA creates experiences based on inclusion, diversity, teamwork, leadership and unity. 
The USA programs are continually progressing, constantly incorporating new ideas in leadership training & cutting edge choreography.  Celebrities, such as Teri Hatcher, Paula Abdul, and Sabrina Bryan of the Cheetah Girls, began as USA instructors and many others have gone on to successful careers in Hollywood and on Broadway.  Our instructors and program development team members are choreographing for movies, television shows, commercials, and professional dance teams, as well as dancing on tour with artists such as Britney Spears and Katy Perry.  Our instructors created, developed and today still shape the visual, fast-paced, and crowd-pleasing choreography, known as the “West Coast Style.”
USA’s entertainment focus led to the first American football shows in Japan, England, Germany, Spain, Australia and Mexico, exposing many youth from these countries to American style cheerleading.  USA developed pro dance choreography for 9 different NFL and NBA teams and the Pro Bowl cheerleaders, as well as the Olympics, World Cup and the Super Bowl.


 The USA provides a complete and coordinated program with camps and innovative material for cheerleaders, song/pom, mascots, pep/short flags and dance teams. USA camp brings individuals together as teams working toward common goals.  Team building and unity are critical for a successful season.  The USA doesn’t just talk about UNITY, we give you the material and training to make it happen!


 The USA prepares your teams for every situation, from practice to game day to performance and competition. Not only do you leave confident and ready, you get more with the USA!

What is unique to USA?  OUR SELLING POINTS

 USA is known for innovative, top notch material and fresh music!
Teams certainly get their money's worth by attending a USA camp because they take home enough useable material to last throughout the entire season. 
All USA summer camp spirit and dance customers are VIPs!  They receive access to bonus material during basketball season and other valuable resources throughout the year.
USA has always been forward thinking and on the cutting edge when it comes to choreography. 
We are the only camp company that offers instruction for cheerleaders, song/pom teams, mascots, pep/short flags, dance teams and drum majors.  UNITY – Uniquely USA!


USA is the only Varsity Brand that promotes team unity by teaching coordinating game-action motions, music cheers to perform with your band, ready to use rally programs and the camp dance to cheerleaders, mascots, song/pom and pep/short flag teams.  We want everybody working together to create a united spirit program at your school!
“Love the material!!!  So fresh!  I love that my kids were challenged with material.  You’ve got a great program and I wouldn’t choose any other company!” 
Brady Martin/Cyprus HS Advisor
 “This is the best camp we have been to!  The instructors are the best we have ever had.  We loved the material and can’t wait to get home to use it.  USA camp is so much fun and we learned so much and improved more than we anticipated.” 
Lisa Jensen Cheer Advisor/Coach – Timpview HS
“I have been attending USA for 25 years and I am always surprised how the quality of the material is always top notch!  Keep going USA!” 
Karen Wadhams, Palo Verde HS Coach, Arizona
“I have attended several cheer camps and this one is superior to all of them!” 
LaChiel Martel, Yucca Valley HS Cheer Coach 


With the USA Dance Camps, you get Handcrafted Choreography & Technical Training at EACH CAMP.  Every team chooses the specific style and levels they will train in when they fill in their registration forms.
“Staff was well-prepared as always. Our girls really enjoyed the variety of routines at camp!”
Emmett HS Director
“The USA went above and beyond to ensure my team had the best experience. Thanks USA!”
Butte HS Director
“We will be able to use several of the routines we learned throughout the year. Thank you for providing our girls with adaptable choreography that worked well with all of our levels!”
St. John the Baptist Director


“Our instructors were amazing.  They were knowledgeable, patient and energetic.  Great staff and awesome program!  No comparison!” 
Janine Alves, Washington HS Cheer Advisor, Fremont, CA

  • USA Staff is among the best in the nation!
  • We are dedicated to one common goal – your team’s SUCCESS!
  • The USA staff is selected for their technical skills as well as their ability to effectively communicate with students of all ages.  Our instructors care about your students.
  • The USA staff works as an integrated team – cheerleaders, song/pom, mascots, pep/short flags and dance. 
  • We are leaders in the industry. 
  • The USA staff is comprised of talented and professional role models who are teaching skills for life.
  • We are based on a strong tradition of teaching excellence!
  • Support Staff (Camp Administration): The USA staff provides additional student supervision and is dedicated to camp safety & logistics.
Not only do we have the best instructors, our program development team is comprised of leaders in the entertainment industry, working with artists such as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, and organizations such as Universal Studios and the Pro Bowl.  The choreography we develop and teach is internationally recognized and sought after worldwide. 
 “USA provides material that is creative and challenging.  The staff is very professional and positive… thanks, USA – we will be back!” 
Kristy Kane Mapes, Advisor/Coach – Martin Luther King HS
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USA Dance Camp Promo Video


Material is unmatched!  With choreographers known for cutting edge material involved in our spirit & dance program development, teams leave camp with visual material that is fun to perform and crowds will love!  We are the originators of Crowdleader® Team training.  We teach the entire spirit squad how to effectively communicate with their crowd during our "Get In The Game" workshop and through Game Action Evaluation.


Team bonding and bringing cheerleaders, song/pom teams, mascots, short/pep flags and dance teams together are priorities.  Workshops such as "Unity, “Leader in Action” and "Teammaker" include goal-setting, problem solving, discussions about the roles of spiritleaders, dancers and drum majors and the responsibility that being a role model brings.


Instructors go through extensive training workshops prior to teaching camp.  We focus not only on the technical ability of the staff but more importantly, their ability to teach.   Each cheer USA instructor is AACCA trained.


When creating the curriculum for technical training (in cheer & dance), classes are always structured with safety as the top priority.  Consideration for proper progressions, conditioning and stretching is a must, and curriculum is developed by instructors and coaches that are actively involved in coaching teams regularly.


Stunt training (including partner, group, baskets and pyramids) is available for all levels to ensure that each squad leaves camp with working knowledge of proper spotting and stunt technique.

Advisor Training & Credentialing

Each advisor, coach or director receives a seasonal resource manual and daily workshops are available at all camp locations.