Why Choose UDA?

UDA is not the best because it’s the biggest…it’s the biggest because it’s the best!  Here are a few of the top reasons that teams should choose UDA summer camps. 
UDA camp is the best place for teams to prepare for a successful season.  No matter what camp type or locations teams choose, they will leave ready to tackle their school year and beyond! 
Dance teams need lots of routines for their season…from pep rallies to halftime performances, UDA will get you ready for it all!  Teams will receive a number of routines in varying levels and styles to be performed throughout their season.  In addition to full routines, teams will also learn sideline material that is ready to wow the crowd at games!
The UDA staff is extremely knowledgeable and professionally trained.  With hands on technique training and one-on-one classes, each dancer will learn something new.  The technique training at UDA camp is designed to help dancers of all ability levels.  Teams will also leave with knowledge on stretching and strengthening to help further their skills. 

At UDA camp, teams will bond and unite as one in an incredible growing experience.  Each day of camp includes teambuilding activities and challenges that will: bring teams together, encourage better communication and allow teams to work together and have fun while doing it!