Why Choose NDA
Since NDA was founded, we’ve been focused on innovation. We’re all about pushing the limit, getting better and working harder. We’re consistently leading the dance industry with current choreography, technique and phenomenal staff.
We want that original spirit to translate to the dancers we host as well. We’re all about harnessing the passion and potential of young performers and helping them make themselves the best they can be.
Please join us at 2013 Summer Camp, a place that’ll continue to strengthen skills and build bonds. When you get here, we’ll be ready and waiting to turn up the tunes and transform your team. And we’ll have a lot of fun while we’re at it!


  • Includes hand on interactive training with your Head Instructor
  • Offered via the Coaches Resource Pack at Home Camps
  • $1 million in secondary liability insurance for qualified coaches
  • Includes Coaches Manual and Coaches Video Series DVD including bonus team warm up, technique classes and usable templates to use throughout your season 


  • Team Dance allows each team to leave camp with a performance ready routine
  • Style routines allow for each individual to learn routines of varying styles and levels at a pace that suits their learning ability
  • Feedback on both team and individual routines from NDA Staff


  • Custom camp experience - via a Coaches Survey before camp, coaches choose the styles and levels on which they want to focus
  • 4 skill levels at ALL camps - Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite
  • Fresh choreography created by the industry's best in each region to allow for style differences
  • Wide variety - diverse backgrounds and styles of dance
  • Free Curriculum DVD includes the entire NDA Summer Camp Curriculum – Over 50 routines! 


  • TEAM Time – teams will have fun while participating in team building and bonding games and activities with their Buddy Instructor
  • Leadership Classes promote leadership for better squad interaction


  • FREE DVD and CD at all camps
  • Coaches training and education includes FREE Coaches’ Manual and DVD 
  • Comprehensive program that prepares the team for the entire season
  • Team development
  • Staff - the MOST one on one time with NDA instructors


  • Team Dance - encompasses 4 styles of dance
  • All genres of dance offered and customized for each camp
  • Most one on one time with NDA Staff/Buddy
  • Full curriculum and routines included on FREE DVD 
  • NDA Unleashed Convention expanded to new locations with summer dates for 2013!