Why Choose NCA

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"Start Off Strong"
Since 1948, NCA has been leading the way.  Sure, we were the first cheerleading company, but we're not content to stop there.  Since we were established, we've focused on constant innovation and putting passion to work.  We're the home of the Herkie.  We invented the pompom.  We were the first to offer a cheer camp. And if you've heard the term "Spirit Stick," you know how good we are at making things catchy and long-lasting.

We want that original spirit to carry through to the cheerleaders we host at Summer Camp as well.  We're all about harnessing the passion and potential of young athletes and helping them to be the best they can be. 

Please join us at 2015 Summer Camp, a place that'll continue to strengthen skills and build bonds.  With new camp types being offered, you can fit practice into almost any schedule.  When you get here, we'll be ready and waiting to make jumps higher, motions sharper, stunts cleaner, and cheers louder.  And we'll have a lot of fun while we're at it!

NCA Staff
We hand-select the NCA Staff from across the country.  To be an NCA Instructor, you must be a great cheerleader and an even better person.  They're role models in and out of uniform, and they're all AACCA certified and trained each year to ensure that they are ready to go at your Summer Camp.  In short, if they can't get you pumped up, no one can.

  • AACCA Safety Certified
  • Completed Concussion Awareness Course
  • Completed Maltreatment Course
  • 18 years or older
  • Background Checked
  • Hands-on training prior to camp 


Coaches Program

  • At camp coaches participate in the NCA Coaches Credentialing Program with NEW topics each year
  • Receive FREE NCA Curriculum DVD with all of the martial learned at camp and more!
  • Receive the NCA Coaches Manual that includeds everything you need to know to succeed throughout the season
  • Special Coach Awards distributed during the Final Awards Ceremony at camp
  • FREE coaches gift - always a fan favorite
Find out what Coaches are saying about NCA Camp! [YouTube Video]

Perfection Before Progression! At NCA, we make safety our top priority, and make sure our teams learn to practice and perform safely year round.

Whether it's extension preps or moving pyramids, we make sure it's done right.  As we move through stunt technique, pyramid transitions and basket builders, teams will master all skills in succession before proceeding to more difficult stunts.

More than 95% of Coaches we surveyed say that they attend camp to learn new stunts and no one has more stunts than NCA!

  • NCA is known for creative stunt entries, transitions and dismounts!
  • Flipping and transitional skills taught in Pyramid Class.
  • Top notch Basket Builders Class focusing on technique and skill building.
  • Every NCA camp offers our Core Stunt class and 4 levels of stunt classes - Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite. 

Team Bonding

  • Our daily focus on building confidence, positive attitudes and teamwork transforms individual cheerleaders into a team.
  • Each year our new Team Time program encourages teams to create and achieve goals.


  • NCA has a wide variety of camps across the country – choose one perfect for you!
  • NCA State Directors can specifically design a camp that fits your teams' needs.
  • From skills focus to Leadership training, NCA has it all!